• Odlings Sandblasting cabinet for signs, memorials and small boulders
  • Titan external recirculating sandblaster for boulders, memorials and stone too large to fit into cabinet – and for sandblasting “in-situ” floors, boulders and memorials.


  • We have the skills and equipment to enable us to design, manufacture and engrave a wide range of products from signs, awards and memorials.  We can also engrave, in-house, many other products which we buy in on your behalf.  These include glass trophies, tankards, decanters and so on, and some wooden products.


  • Epilog 36EXT laser etching machine for photographic quality etching on stone, glass, Perspex, wood and other materials.


  • Crystal Galleries sandblasting cabinet for very detailed engraving on trophies and mementoes – suitable for small text, logos and near photographic quality for pictures.


    • The company has 2 plotters to produce sandblasting stencils of up to 1.2m wide x 5m long.


    We use the latest versions of CorelDRAW and Photopaint to produce working drawings and visuals for all our products from memorials to signs, trophies and awards. We also have a number of specialist programmes which enable us to convert artwork and photographs into engraving programmes for our equipment.

    We commissioned a bespoke Job System programme so that we have, at our fingertips, all the information for each client and their job within seconds