Crystal & Glass


Engraved Crystal and Glass for Awards, Mementoes and Gifts

Pooil Vaaish have invested in 2 systems for engraving glass and crystal – we have a laser etcher for flat panels and a sandblasting system for engraving more deeply and more complex shapes.  Pop in and see the range of items that we can offer, or bring us a piece that you have bought yourself – a bottle of wine or a vase perhaps – and we’ll engrave it for you.

Typically, one off engravings cost £10 + VAT but we will quote each job individually and the price will depend on the size and complexity of what you want us to engrave and how many items there will be in the order.

We source glass from a number of suppliers and will happily collate ideas for you and produce visuals so that you can see the engraving on the glass of your choice before you buy!