Puzzle Coasters

We have a selection of standard designs of jigsaw coasters.  These are engraved and then cut into intricate shapes within a border to provide a puzzle which is remarkably difficult to do. Look closely at the photos and you’ll spot some “whimsy” shapes – the Isle of Man, a Manx Cat, a Bike, a Three Legs, Football Boot, Reindeer, Christmas Tree and many more !  The biker puzzles shown here take approximately 10 minutes every time to put together and they don’t get any easier the more often you do them! Fabulous for a stocking filler or a quick thank-you present at only £15 each for standard designs.  Or if you want something more bespoke, why not email us your chosen photo and we’ll do you a couple for £40.  If you want to incorporate some special shapes we can do that too for a little more.


We are developing new designs daily and will be updating this website with a fuller catalogue shortly.  Check back soon to see what’s coming up!