What the Pooil Vaaish stone is suitable for what it has been used for in the past.

This material is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is available in a range of finishes from naturally riven, sawn and rubbed, honed and polished. 

With products ranging from cropped building stone and architectural features such as fire surrounds and corbels to tiling for walls and floors in addition to vanity surfaces, shower trays and basins, Pooil Vaaish is a versatile as well as beautiful material.


Whilst we would not recommend using Pooil Vaaish as a kitchen surface, it has been successfully used for vanity tops, splash backs and table tops. Our particularly rare and beautiful fossiliferous limestone was used for the reception desk at Manx Telecom’s Headquarters just outside Douglas, Isle of Man. An incredibly hard stone, the fossils, including corals and crinoids, show up white against the black background.

Fossiliferous Pooil Vaaish Black Limestone counter top at Manx Telecom HQ, Douglas, IOM


In Autumn 2012, Burberry opened its flagship store on Regent Street in London. The facade featured beautifully shaped and honed Pooil Vaaish stone around each of the doorways and between each window.

Pooil Vaaish Quarry Stone used in the refurbishment of the Burberry Building in London for Cladding

Walling Stone

Pooil Vaaish is particularly suitable for walling stone as it is formed in flat beds and crops easily using a hydraulic guillotine. Historically used in the south of the island there are now examples all across the island.

Pooil Vaaish Walling Stone

Standing Stones

Standing guard above Port Jack on Onchan Head are a trio of Pooil Vaaish standing stones, one of which is engraved with runes, which were supplied and installed nearly 20 years ago. There are examples of our stones all over the island including at Nobles Hospital outside the main entrance, in the Organ Donation Memorial Garden and at the Hospice Building. A large number of engraved house name boulders are dotted all over the island.

Standing Stones Onchan Head


Pooil Vaaish have been engraving local and imported stones for 20 years. From our design studio we create visuals for house and business signs, standing or memorial stones, awards, trophies and mementoes.

Visit: Grenabee.com for more examples of the types of signs and engravings that we do.

Etched awards on honed slate for a Manx Wheelers Event